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Is located on private property, South of Hwy. 80 between Edgewood and Wills Point, on VZCR 3424. In 2005, there were only 2 readable graves ond one crypt that is broken. There are more unmarked graves. Read the letter from *Milda Mason at the lower part of this page.


This cemetery is listed on the map as Johnson.

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 First Name


SCOTT  W. R . 1861  1887 
SCOTT H. C.  1836  1892 


(Also known as Johnson Cemetery)

This cemetery is located on private property near what is called "Scott Community" and later Fairview. The property was part of the original Flowers servey and was purchased by Henry C. Scott in January of 1860. It was the Scott Family burial ground until Henry Scott died in 1892 and the land was sold in the estate settlement. In a very recent time there was at least 30 tombstones in this cemetery with a gazebo, and it was fenced. All of two of the tombstones have been destroyed, and the crypt of my great great grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth is broken, and the marker is gone. The two remaining are: William R. Scott born May 19, 1861 on this property and died August 23, 1887. He was the son of Henry and Sarah Elizabeth Scott. My great great grandfather, Henry Clay Scott, born May 16, 1836 in Warren county Kentucky, and died January 12, 1892 on this farm. Henry achieved the rank of Major in the civil war and toward the latter half of the war commanded a Mississippi Company. Henry Scott was also known to be among the group of men that stole the Van Zandt county records and took them to Wills Point and barricaded the road to prevent them from being retaken, in the attempt to change the county seat from Canton to Wills Point. It became what they called the "Great Courthouse War".

Henry and Elizabeth had a dozen children, all of them born on the property:

1. Sarah Elizabeth Scott born 1860

2. William R. Scott, born 1861

3. Mary Frances Scott, born 1862

4. James Henry Scott, born 1864

5. George Washington Scott, born 1868

6. Martha Scott, born 1869

7.Katherine Scott, born 1871

8.John T. Scott, born 1873

9. Alice Scott, born 1876

10. Allen C. Scott, born 1879

11. Jesse W. Scott, born 1880

12. Robert A. Scott, born 1882

Information and pictures supplied by: Milda Mason


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