Blaine Post Office

Van Zandt County, Texas

Taken from Van Zandt County Texas Biographies 1848-1991 Vol. II. Assitional information, comments, compliments and complaints should be submitted to Betty Miller and Patsy Vinson. The information that is included in this document is transcribed portions of information that appear in the above referenced book.

Blaine Post Office

The Blaine Post Office Was established 26 Apr 1893. The postmasters and their appointment dates are as follows: John Washington, 26 Apr 1893; William Brinkley Washington, 20 Mar 1896, Chris C. Perry, 23 Feb 1899; Hannah Perry, 23 Oct 1899; William Brinkley Washington, 29 mar 1900; discontinued 15 Sept 1900, and moved to Chandler.

It was reestablished 10 Jan 1901, and postmasters were Alice W. Wheat, 10 Jan 1901; and Alex W. Wheat, 19 Mar 1901; discontinued 28 Feb 1907 and moved to Chandler. Blaine had the distinction of being the only black post office in Van Zandt County. All the persons who served as postmasters were black. On the postal application signed 25 Jan 1893, by John Washington, the first postmaster, and W. J. Stuart, Edom postmaster, the named applied for the new post office was Londy. This is scratched out and above it is written the name Blaine. Blaine was first located six miles west of Edom close to the intersection of VZCR 4823 and VZCR 4824. On 3 Jan 1896, when William B. Washington filed an application, it was for a post office to be located eight miles west of Edom at an intersection of VZCR 4823 and Fm. Rd. 279. The name of the post office was to be Preston. This application was signed by the Blaine Postmaster, John Washington. The Washington postal department appointed William B. Washington the postmaster and changed the name Preston to Blaine, moving the site.

The post office remained at the second site until it was discontinued in 1907.

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