Cemeteries of Van Zandt County, Texas

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Webmaster's Note: In the interest of fairness to all persons and organizations concerned; the Mayberry Cemetery and the Walters Family Cemetery have been listed above. It is my objective to give credit where credit is due, therefore, I would be remiss if I failed to list the Mayberry Cemetery since it was listed in Book 3 of Van Zandt County Cemeteries published by the Van Zandt County Historical Commission. I personally transcribed the cemeteries in this book and will admit that I made mistakes in the transcription thereof, however, I will gladly correct any mistake that I made. I will not, however, change any of the information that was actually listed therein. As for the Walters Family Cemetery; there are those who believe that the information in Book 3 was erroneous and that the name of the cemetery should have been the Walters Family Cemetery instead of the Mayberry Cemetery. I have heard "stories" from both sides and do not wish to become a party to either, therefore, both cemeteries have been placed on this site. They both contain the same information. The Walters Family Cemetery information was submitted by Jane Gammon. I hope this clears up any misconception that this site is perpetuating erroneous information and disseminating it to the public. - B. Miller

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