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We welcome all submissions of Van Zandt County Cemetery pictures or information.Your name and email address will be placed on the web page with your submission unless you specify otherwise. Please contact Betty Miller or Betty Phillips for further information on submissions. Some of the information was obtained by visiting the cemetery ourselves, or has been furnished by our visitors or our archiving crew. Additions, corrections, comments, complaints and compliments should be submitted to Betty Miller and Betty Phillips. For more helpful information concerning some of the most common abbreviations that we have used can be viewed on our new Helpful Information page.

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Webmaster's Note: In the interest of fairness to all persons and organizations concerned; the Mayberry Cemetery and the Walters Family Cemetery have been listed above. It is my objective to give credit where credit is due, therefore, I would be remiss if I failed to list the Mayberry Cemetery since it was listed in Book 3 of Van Zandt County Cemeteries published by the Van Zandt County Historical Commission. I personally transcribed the cemeteries in this book and will admit that I made mistakes in the transcription thereof, however, I will gladly correct any mistake that I made. I will not, however, change any of the information that was actually listed therein. As for the Walters Family Cemetery; there are those who believe that the information in Book 3 was erroneous and that the name of the cemetery should have been the Walters Family Cemetery instead of the Mayberry Cemetery. I have heard "stories" from both sides and do not wish to become a party to either, therefore, both cemeteries have been placed on this site. They both contain the same information. The Walters Family Cemetery information was submitted by Jane Gammon. I hope this clears up any misconception that this site is perpetuating erroneous information and disseminating it to the public. - B. Miller


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