District Attorneys


Van Zandt County

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FOWLER, Andrew L. 1848-1849
FOWLER, A. J. 1850; 1853
GRAY, John H. 1851-1852
ROSENBAUM, George 1853; 1857-1860
BUFORD, Nat M. 1854
CRAVENS, E. 1855-1856
AUSTIN, J. L. 1861-1862
CAMP, E. Homer 1863-1865
HOOVENCAMP, Edward 1866
OMMAGE, T. T. 1867
MOORE, H. W. 1868
SHORT, A. 1869-1870
KEARBY, J. C. (protem) 1871
EVANS, Thomas D. 1871-1872
MARTIN, William H. 1873-1876
RIDGELL, Richard J. 1877-1878
McCORD, F. J. 1879-1880
HOGG, James S. 1881-1884
HEART, B. B. 1885-1886
STAFFORD, R. N. 1887-1890
BOWIE, T. J. 1891-1892
RUSSELL, J. G. 1893-19\896
SMITH, Stewart 1897-1898
SIMPSON, R. M. 1899-1902
GREER, W. J. 1903-1906
BEAVER, J. H. 1907-1910
SANDERS. W. W. 1911-1916
GREER, Earl M. 1917-1920
DAWSON, A. A. 1921-1924; 1933
SHIELDS, James M. 1925-1928
STANFORD, Paul H. 1929-1932; 1943-1946
ORSBORN, Louis O. 1935-1938
HUBBARD, Truett 1939-1942
PRESTRIDGE, J. T. 1947-1952
TUNNELL, Joe 1953-1958
GRESHAM, James S. 1959-1964
BARTLETT, Robert F. 1965-1974
EBLEN, W. E. "Bill" 1975-1981
DAVIS, Richard D. 1981-1983 (appointed/ran)
WALLACE, Tommy W. 1983-1989 (appointed/ran)
CORNELIUS, Robert T. 1989-1990 (appointed/ran/not elected)
SICKEL, JR., John A. 1991-1995 (resigned)
DIXON, Leslie Poynter 1995-Present (appointed/ran)

Data kindly provided by Elizabeth Everitt, FormerVan Zandt County Clerk.

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