District Judges


Van Zandt County

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 MARTIN, Burnett H.  1849-1852
ROBERTS, O. M. 1850
REAGAN, John H. 1853-1857
REEVS, Reubin A. 1858-1860
BUFORD, Nat M. 1861
FERRIS, J. W. 1862-1865
SCOTT, R. W. 1865-1866
REEVS, R. A. 1867
EARLE, Samuel L. 1868-1870
SCOTT, John G. 1871-1873
BONNER, M. H. 1874-1878
ROBERTSON, John C. 1879-1883
McCORD, T. J. 1884-1906
RUSSELL, J. G. 1897-1902
SIMPSON, R. W. 1903-1916
BOND, Joel R. 1917-1934
CRISP, G. O. 1935-1942
DAWSON, A. A. 1943-1963
CROFTS, Thomas H. 1963-1981 (resigned)
DAVIS, Richard D. 1981-1987 (appointed/ran)
WALLACE, Tommy W. 1987-2004
Theresa Drum  2005-Present

Data kindly provided by Elizabeth Everitt, FormerVan Zandt County Clerk

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