Edgewood School from 1890s through 1912

Edgewood Slaughter School Group 1890

Back Row: Ive McClellan, teacher Emma Cullen, Jane Cartwright, Mattie Cheatham, Lela Cheatham, Effie James Board, Lilly Dale Slaughter, Valera "LeLe" Slaughter, Mabel Beard, Oliver McClellan, Willie Taylor, Emma Cheatham, Alice Slaughter McClellan, Lucy Jones, Lula Starnes, Daisy Chitty, Sarah Sally Cheatham, Milton Starnes, Press Starnes, Roy Starnes, Henry Chitty, Ervie McClellan, Leslie Edward Slaughter, Claude Taylor, Robert Boone Cheatham. This school was located south of Hwy 80 and accomodated 30 or 40 students.