Fifth, sixth. and seventh grade students at Edgewood 1911 & 1912


This oroginal photo of the fifth, sixth, and seventh grade students of the 1911 & 1912 school term at Edgewood is from the collection of the late Mrs. Aude McWilliams. They are owned by her daughter, Mrs. Hazel (McWilliams) Goode McEnturff, wife of Eddy McEnturff of Edgewood, Texas. This picture was printed in the 1976 edition of the Edgewood Enterprise. You will find the newspaper clipping below.

Submitted by: Betty Pickens Phillips

Edgewood School year 1911-1912, fifth, sixth, & seventh grade students of Miss Irene Alford

Back row [L-R]: Dona Henegar; Lois Hooks; Anna Nicholson; Connie Junell; Tressie Estes; Dennith Zink; Lora Pugh; Nellie Thornton; Lola McWilliams; Mae Johnson; Mina Berry; Lockie Andrews; Sib Ellis; Yuba Wilson; Cora Melton; Leta Sanders; Omar Zink; Clyde Ellis; Pal Crumpton.

Second row [L-R]: Mary Carter; Meddie Thorton; Lena
Aude Burns; Velma Valentine; Gladys Farrell; Teacher, Miss Irene Alford; Lois Jo Downs; Coy Sanders; Eron Pickens; John Slaughter; Fred Presley; Earl Nichols; Dennis Hart; Arthur Gates; Ralph Davis.

Third row [L-R]: Sybil Cole; Ruby Cockran; Otha Livingston.

Seated [L-R]: Johnny Jones; Ruby Ivy; Grace McWilliams; Birdie Hooks; Ina Ruth Slaughter; Roy Estes; Lester Pugh; Luther Deihl; Roy Williams; Ocie Talmadge (Pas) Pickens; Leo Odom and Ira Ellis.