Edom Texas

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Edom, Texas

One of the earliest businesses was a saw mill owned by [David O.] Roark (the first postmaster) and Chrestman; which firm was succeeded by Youngblood and Snider. This was Jacob Youngblood (the second postmaster) the father of D. B., E. J., and Marion honored citizens during the early 1900s. The next firm was Smith and George. W. A. Smith, a veteran Methodist minister, later moved to Cream Level before the Civil War. After the war the firm Smith & Palmer (another postmaster) began business and Smith sold out to Palmer who was soon burned out. The firm of Malone and Thomas succeeded.

Malone sold out to Germany and Germany and Thomas was succeeded by the Ellis Bros.

Another early general merchandising store was established by a Dr. Ridgell who moved his store from Newburg a short distance to the site of the present town of Edom. Dr. Ridgell sold to Dr. W. O. Williams and W. J. Stuart (the twelfth postmaster). David Russell ran the village hotel - a man of small stature, of dignified demeanor, and with a coarse voice.

Among the first settlers was Thomas Horselery. He came some time during the Mexican War. John Cauthron, John Piles and David Tomlinson came soon after. John Cauthron at one time represented the county in the legislature.

The Baptist church is believed to have been the first to be established in Edom and one of, if not, the first ministers was Andrew mcCain. Close by at a spring there used to be a pool made of wood in the ground used for immersion purposes. A branch elbowed its way from this spring through willows and weeks to a then famous boy resort known as wyatt's Water Hole. Many a young man would run sloshing down the bed of the branch to the summer resort to plunge into its muddy depths.

The Methodist church was established soon after the Baptist. One of the early preachers was r. A. Norten.

During the Civil War the men of the Edom community, like many of the other citizens of the county, were quick to respond to the call for volunteers. In the summer of 1861 the following enrolled at the Edom post office:


1. B. J. Horton, Capt.; 2. W.J. Beasy, 1st. Lt.; 3. J. E. Lee, 2nd Lt.; 4. J. H. George, 3rd. Lt.; 5. J. McSpadden, 1st. Sergeant; 6. J. R. McCain, 2nd Sergeant; 7. B. T. George, 3rd. Sergeant; 8. F. M. Hubbard, 4th Sergeant; 9. J. H. Youngblood, 1st. Corp.; 10. W. C. Steel, 2nd Corp.

Privates: 11. Thomas W. Patterson; 12. R. L. Youngblood; 13. H. L. Smith; 14. B. B. Brannon; 15. W. G. Harper; 16. C. Cothron; 17. W. L. Brown; 18. A. J. George; 19. J. T. Boiken; 20. Wm. Ingram; 21. B. F. George; 22. A.J. Morris; 23. Wm> Purtin; 24. Wm. Brown; 25. B. A. Pugh; 26. J. T. Davidson; 27. T. P. Brown; 28. A. N. Pugh; 29. J. G. Sniper; 30. C. H. O'Quinn; 31. J. R. O'Quinn; 32. J. F. Featherston, 33. J. R. Cantrell; 34. R. A. McCain; 35. C. C. McCain; 36. O. G. Denson; 37. James Rausinbaum; 38. W. A. martin; 39. Isaac Brown; 40. Maj. Patterson; 41. A. J. Riley; 42. J. C. Easley; 43. Jno. Shaffin; 44. M. Y. Smith; 45. W. P Sides; and 46. James Patterson.

In the fall of 1885, there were three general merchandise business houses, Williams & Stuart, Gulledge and Matthews, and Davidson & Germany. These last two families were joined when one of the partners, Leaston Davidson married Miss Annie Germany. To this union was born John Wesley Davidson who grew up in the Edom community, working as a boy in his fathers store. He attended school at Southwestern University and married Miss Katie Longmire, the daughter of Dr. R. R. Longmire. John Wesly taught school for seven years then seriously entered into the study of law. In 1896 in April he was duly admitted to the Van Zandt County Bar and entered into a partnership with R. M. Lively, another lawyer, and in 1900 he was elected Van Zandt County Judge, a position he held for several years. Edom was predominantly a farming community. Interested in imrpoving their market and having the problems of scarce labor and their current crop-lien system, in 1876, they organized and supported a local grange (Patrons of Husbandry) later after the failure of this movement on 20 Nov 1885, eight farmers formed the Red Hill Alliance. Within four months sixty more had joined.

Transcriber's note: Currently, Edom, Texas is still a city with Mayor, and Aldermen. Every year the Edom Arts and Crafts Fair attracts folks from all across the United States. They have a very successful and entertaining theater community and host many plays throughout the year.

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