This photograph is that of James Lane (1858-1906), founder of the Lane Community, wife Nancy T. Gasaway Lane (1861-1937) and children. Seated l-r: Roxie, Baby, James & Nancy. Standing: Ester, Rube, Harry, Roda & Annie. James Lane donated land for the first Lane School House which was built by Lane and Henry Hill.

Lane Community

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Lane Community
by Rev. Herbert Goode
transcribed by
B. Miller, 1999
from Pictorial History of Van Zandt County, 1848-1994
with permission of Van Zandt County Historical Commission

The founder of the Lane Community was James Lane. His daughter, Ester, married Walter Maxcy who was Rev. Herbert Goode's uncle. The history of the Lane Community is uniquely interwoven with the history of Rev. Goode's relatives.

The Lane Community is 8 miles northeast of Edgewood up Highway 19 to County Road 3625. Along this road, is the Lane Community. The road runs eastward from Highway 19 about 1/2 mile. Here the second Lane school house stood on the south side of the road. The road continues eastward for another half mile then it turns southward. After the road turned southward, for half the distance of a quarter of a mile, there were two important families with their farms. The Maxcy family lived on their 100 acre farm on the east side of the road and the Garret family lived on their 150 acre farm on the west side of the road. The Maxcy family consisted of James and Eliza and their 9 sons and daughters. James & Eliza were Rev. Goode's grand parents and their sons and daughters were his uncles and aunts. Joseph and Jettie Garret were his uncle and aunt.

After the road went southward for 1/4 mile, it turned Weastward (sic). At the turn of the road on the North side was the first Lane schoolhouse where Rev. Goode's uncles, aunts and a cousin attended school and Sunday School. They attended school and Sunday School at both of the school houses.

After the road turned Weastward (sic) from the first Lane School House, it ran for a distance of two blocks. About a block on the North side of the road at this location is Posey Lake. At a Community Baptism at this lake, Eliza Jane Maxcy was baptized. Eliza is Rev. Goode's grandmother. At another baptism at the Posey Lake, Annie Maxcy was baptized. She was Rev. Goode's mother.

The lumber from the second Lane school house was used to build a barn on Sunn and Nelda Jones' 150 acre ranch. This barn exists now. They are cousins to Rev. Goode.

The first Church in the Lane Community was the Lane Church of God. It was founded by Lulu McPherson in her living room. Then, she donated the land on which the church and parsonage were built. At the location the first church building became outdated in time and another was built at the same location. This building exists now. This present church building and parsonage are owned by Don and Patricia Wann. They are Rev. Goode's cousins. The church and parsonage are about 1/2 mile east of Hwy 19 on the road that runs by the nursery. Tourists still come by and take pictures of the building. The church building is used for storage today.

Other relatives of Rev. Goode who lived at the Lane Community are: The Allens, the Berrys and the Hills. Rev. Goode has two families of relatives still living in the Lane Community. The founder of the Lane Community. The founder of the Lane Church of God, Lulu McPherson is Rev. Goode's aunt.

James Matthew & Eliza Jane Maxey with their children about 1901.

Roy Goode, born in Kentucky married Annie Maxcy who was born and reared in the Lane Community.

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