Red Land School

Van Zandt County

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Red Land School

The first record of the school that served the educational needs of the children of this area was in 1 Sep 1887, when it was stated that the Red Land School number 58, would have a credit of $97.92 for that school year. During the fall session of 1888, J. A. Lincoln was the teacher and for the spring session of 1889, F. M. McGlossen taught school at red Land. Quite probably the first school was in a log house, but no record of that was found. The first frame building was a one-room two story school all grades were taught from first grade through eighth grade by one teacher. Some of the teachers who taught through the years at Red Land were Prof. Henry Jones, B. B. Curtis, Clara Alexander, Annie Smith, c. M. Martin, B. B. Washington, J. J. Washington, Charley Curtis, Mrs. C. V. Smilie, Mrs. Lula Hogg, Mrs. Cora Pierce, and Mrs. Clara Lewis Caldwell.

For many years only eight grades were taught, then as the community grew three more grades were added to make it an eleven grade school. More rooms were added to fulfill the needs of the community. In 1939, the twelfth grade was added. High school students from Canton, Bethlehem, Prairie Creek and Mt. Olive were bused to the community daily.

Mr. E. J. Washington became principal and the school operated for many years as Red Land high School. After Mr.. Washington left, Mr. Robert Cardwright became principal and served in this position until his death. His wife, Mrs. Osia Cardwright continued as principal.

The school later began to decline and the High School students were bused to Prairie Creek and later to Lindale. The elementary school continued to operate in the Red Land Community. In 1966, the schools were integrated. All students were bused into the Van School District.

The Red Land School was always a source of strength and pride to the community.

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