Born 1800's -- Died March 28, 1889

The lone grave of Thomas "Tom" Tracy is located beside the railroad about one mile East of Edgewood. These pictures were taken May 7, 2005, more than 116 years after Tracy's death. The story goes that Tracy was a section foreman for the T&P Railroad in charge of the section crew stationed at Edgewood. At that time, in 1889, the section house was across the tracks from his grave. The night he died, he had been seen in Wills Point, boarding the east bound train and it was thought that he was intoxicated. His mangled body was discovered the next morning on the tracks beside where he now lies.

For a time, while I was a child, our home was located in the grove of trees located in the top left of the first picture. We lived there while our old homeplace was being sold and a new home built. We ended up living there for 5 years. On Halloween when I would give a party for my class mates, my daddy would hide behind the Tracy grave and, wearing a sheet over his head, would jump out and scare everyone. That was 50+ years ago.


Information from a book by Elvis Allen,

"Daddy said, Memories of an Old Van Zandter"

Picture and childhood story supplied by Betty Pickens Phillips

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