1890 Texas Union Soldier Schedule

Van Zandt County, Texas

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Baers Irville Pvt C 27 NY Vol B620 99
Barker Bartlett Pvt F 62 Ill Inf B626 99
Bear William W. Sol Died B600 99
Border Josephus Pvt E 5 Tenn Inf B636 99
Brandler Antone Pvt F 17 Wisc Inf B653 99
Brown Jno C. Pvt not listed B650 99
Burk Cavano H. Capt K 23 Ky Inf B620 99 Annie E
Chandler William Pvt G 144 Ill Inf C534 99
Clapp George W. Pvt A1st Ore Cav C410 99
Clifford Harry C. Pvt 10 60 OH Inf C416 99
Collier Amanda n/a not listed C460 99
Cook Edward Pvt E 160 NY Vol C200 99
Cox Robert D. Pvt K 3 TN Cav C200 99
Douglass John n/a not listed D242 99
Fuller Rollen L. Pvt G 48 WS V F460 99
Hale not listed n/a not listed H400 99 Mary A.
Hale Lehwan Pvt E 4 TN Vol H400 99
Hall Rosewell S. Pvt I 117 IN V H400 99
Haskin Alphred Cpl K 6 Min Inf H250 99
Jenkins Louis S. 2nd Sgt D 49 IL Inf J525 99
Johnson Harvey Pvt F 15 MO Inf J525 99
Johnson William M. Pvt K 14 KY Cav J525 99
Joice not listed Pvt B 72 Ind J200 99 Mary J.
Longhmiller Andrew J. Sgt 53 Ind V L525 99
McMahon Thomas Pvt 5 RI Inf M255 99
Moody Andrew J. Pvt D 2 US Inf M300 99
Norman Marrow Pvt not listed N655 99
Pearl Samuel Pvt H191 OH Vol P640 99
Pebbles Florence H. Pvt D 22 IO Vol P142 99
Phipps Alvey Pvt D12 MO Cav P120 99 Malinda
Phipps John M. Pvt C 122 IL Inf P120 99
Pilley William Pvt E 6 KS Cav P400 99
Powell George W. Sgt E 93 Ind Inf P400 99
Roe Samuel Pvt D1 LA Cav R000 99
Rose Abraham Pvt A 1 VA LA R200 99
Swindell not listed n/a not listed S534 99 Mary A.
Taylor John G. Pvt G115Ind Vol T460 99
Turner George W. Pvt B 8 MO Inf T656 99
Wade D. A. Pvt Calif W300 99
Woods Sanders D. Pvt not listed W320 99
Wynne Julien C. Pvt L 1 TN Cal W500 99
Young William J. Capt G 5 PA Cal Y520 99

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