Addie Walton Boothe

Edgewood, Texas
Information submitted by Bob Boothe

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Edgewood, Texas
Information submitted by
Bob Boothe.

as remembered by Bob Boothe and other family members.

It seems like a faint memory, as a young boy living in Edgewood. Actually, I remember moving to Dallas after the break out of WW2. My father, William Boothe, went to work at the Chance Vaught defense plant between Dallas and Fort Worth, building trainer planes for the war effort. My mother also worked there for a couple of years. I grew up in the big city during that time. The real story here is about my grandfather, Addie Boothe, who never left Edgewood and served the town for all of his life. I visited him every once in a while and we went to the lake, ther he was responsible for pumping water into the Water Tower located downtown providing water service to the customers that had water lines. He served as Night Watchman keeping an eye on the stores and businesses. This was one of his duties for many years. I say one because he took care of delivering and removing the mail from the trains daily and passing it on to our Post Office. I recall with interest how he would hang a mail sack on a hook for the trains passing without stopping and the postal car employee reached out to grab the sack for delivery up the line. My grandfather was an active member of church and led the choir in singing for most of his life. Even before he was involved in all these things, in his younger years he was a mule riding preacher carrying the word to those in the back country. His talents seemed limitless, I remember seeing a violin he had made himself and played. As age came on him and glaucoma rendered him blind he wasn't able to repair watches, overhaul lawnmower motors, provide carpenter work around the town or continue his service to others. He was a true pioneer of Edgewood and contributed to the well being of Edgewood. He died at 94 years of age. I think of him often, his genlte ways, his soft voice and kindness. My father, William Boothe, retained his fathers traits which provided me the roll models for guidance in my life. There were many constructive early Pioneers living in Edgewood's early years and their life stories should be passed on to those living there that they understand and instill in them to make their own contributions leaving a legacy for others to recall their existence as my grandfather pioneer left behind. Addie's grandson, Bob L. Boothe.

Early family history is as follows:

John Lee Boothe (b. May 12, 1854 in Somerville, Fayette Co., TN) and his wife Nancy Caline Cannon Boothe (b December 26, 1856 in Fayette Co., TN) were married 10/29/1875 in Sommerville, TN.; came to Texas by train from Tennessee in 1889, and son Addie Walton Boothe (b in Somerville, Fayette Co., TN. on 02/26/1887, died 01/29/1981 in Grand Saline Texas) in a Grand Saline Texas nursing home. He is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Edgewood, TX. The family first settled in Kaufman County, then moved to Edgewood, TX. in 1904. In the 1910 Van Zandt Census, it shows John L. Boothe, 55; Nancy C., 53; and Addie W. age 28. Then in the 1920 Van Zandt County Census it reads: Head of Household, Addie, 31; wife, Bertie, 39; son, Willie W., 7, mother Nancy 66.

Addie Boothe married 11/29/1911 to Miss Bertie Z. Ware who was born 04/18/1880 in Opelika, AL and died in Edgewood at home on 02/20/1927. She is also buried in Oak Hill Cemetery. They were married by Rev. William H. Ware, Bertie's father, in Edgewood, TX. They had one son, Willie Lee "Walton" Boothe (b 09/11/1913 in Edgewood, TX and died in Houston, Harris Co., TX 10/29/1979.

The middle name of "Lee" was carried as a middle name for John Lee Boothe. I was told by grandfather that back in time there was a marriage to the family of General Robert E. Lee, apparently John Lee Boothe was a product of that marriage back in time. It was continued for use as a middle name for several generations.

Addie's mother was Nancy Caline Cannon, but the information I got from her death certificate says her middle name was Caroline. Her daddy was Gabriel Cannon and he died in a Yankee War Prison called Alton Prison. Granny (Nancy) was born in 1856 and she died in 1952. She was about 23 when they came to Texas. She was married to John Lee Boothe in 1873, she was 15.

All that is known about John Lee Boothe's mother is her name was Susan and she lived with them in Fayette County, TN in 1880. Granddaddy was born in 1887 and died in the early 1980s. His wife was Berite Zulome. Her family was interesting. Her father was William Henry Ware and I have information on his family back to Ireland and England where a couple of them served under Queen Elizabeth I. One was knighted. The state of Delaware wa named after one of our relative. He was called Baron, De La Ware. Bertie was older than addie. She was around 30 when she came to Texas. Her dad was Rev. Wm. H. Ware, the married them. He was a Methodist preacher. William Ware's mother was Margaret Calhoun. She was a descendant of John C. Calhoun who served as vice president twice under two presidents of the United States.

Addie Boothe decided to add the "e" to the end of the name Booth because he did not want his name spelled like John Wilkes Booth, who killed President Lincoln.

Photo of William Lee Walton Boothe, father of Bob Boothe (submitter) Born 09/11/1913 Edgewood, TX. Died 10/29/1979 Houston, TX.

Photo of Addie Walton Boothe and Bertie Z. Ware - wedding picture, married 11/29/1911 by Rev. William H. Ware.

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