Ben Wheeler, Texas
Information transcribed from The Southland Vol. XII. No 1
Waco, Texas; Established March, 1892

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Reuben Millsaps was born in North Carolina in 1773, served in the revolutionary war under General George Washington, died in 1845. His son, William Millsaps, was born in North Carolina in 1791 and served in the British war of 1812 under General Andrew Jackson. In 1811 he was married to Miss Levina Williams. They had born to them ten children, four sons and six daughters

Hiram Temple, Reuben and Thomas constituted the boys. All have died except Thomas, who still lives at Edgewood, Texas. He married Miss Mandy McGowan in 1852. They had fourteen children. Eight are living, four sons and four daughters. Reuben, Volley, Welton, and Dew, all of whom are fine business men. Walton is state superintendent for the New York Life Insurance company for the state of Louisiana. Volley is a leading salesman in one of the largest dry goods establishments in the city of Jackson, Mississippi. Reuben is the popular merchant at Edgewood, Texas and also a partner with Due in one of the largest and one of the best regulated stores in Ben Wheeler, Van Zandt county. Due was born in Mississippi, May 19, 1875. Was educated in Carthage high school, Carthage, Mississippi. He came to Texas in 1895 and located in Edgewood, was employed by his brother Reuben, remained in his employ four years, when they formed the partnership where Due has proven himself to be a marked success and one of the best business young men in East Texas. He married in 1901 Miss Della Starnes of Edgewood. To this union little Lloyd has been born to make their happy home more dear.

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