Farmer and Gin Man
Member of the Firm of Fugate & Johnson, Tundra, Texas
Information transcribed from The Southland Vol. XII. No 1
Waco, Texas; Established March, 1892

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The Johnsons are of German extraction, but located in North Carolina in an early day. William Johnson was born and reared in that State, and became the father of our subject. He was a farmer. In 1873 he moved to Van Zandt, and has lived here since. Our subject was born in the North Carolina home November 9, 1866, and was consequently 7 years of age when his father moved to Texas. His education and equipment for life have all been received in this county. He attended the public schools, and was taught in the practical lessons in agriculture on the farm. August 18, 1893, he married Miss Cora Evans. They are the parents of three children. He is a practical farmer, and has lived in the Tundra community for twenty-five years. His farm at present is one mile west of the town. He is now also a ginner (sic) and member of the firm of Fugate & Johnson. He is of popular turn and counts his friends by the score. Being a good mixer, he deals pleasantly with the public in all kinds of public business. He is a Cumberland and W. O. W., and is quite progressive in spirit. He is for the development of Van Zandt, and may be depended on for his share of the expense of anything for the public good.


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