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James Samuel Pirtle (John Barnett, Jacob Berkel, Michael Leonhardt, John Jacob, Hans Jacob, Birkle I, Michael S., Jacob, Mathis, Hans, Birkle) was born 26 Oct 1819 in Caldwell Co., KY and died 06 Sep 1892 in Van Zandt Co., TX. He married Elizabeth Ann Priest 05 May 1847 in Toone, Hardeman Co., TN daughter of John Priest and Mary Gamble. She was born 1825 in Hardeman Co., TN and died 1900 in Van Zandt Co., TX.

Notes for James Samue Pirtle:

Prof. Cagle, Book: Pirkles (sic) and Their Descendants in the USA, James Samuel Pirtle and his family moved to Van Zandt Co., TX.

Books: Pirtle Families of Hardeman Co., TN Co., The By James Riley Pirtle, (TN: 1995), In February of 1996 I contacted James Riley Pirtle as he had been looking for Judy to send her the information he had just got tied down in 1995 months before my letter regarding the lineage of James Samuel Pirtle back to John Barnett Pirtle. James Riley Pirtle has discovered that John B. had a first wife, Susan Story and that Jesse, Rebecca and James Samuel were the children from this marriage. He was then able to find them as a household in an early Census than the ones he found Ann Peters and her children (the second family). The will had listed the 3 from the 1st marriage, but had not indicated the relationship. So, from 1972 until 1995 our tree was stalled until James shared his discovery with me. Thank you.

Cemeteries: High Cemetery: Pirtle, J. S. Pirtle 26 Oct 1819 - 6 Sept 1892. Photo in my files intact and readable. Located in row behind my grandparents, Jerome and Adell Pirtle.

Deeds: Texas: Grantee Book "I"; Canton, Van Zandt Co, pg 478; 8 June 1860, purchased land from E. W. Gibbs. The land purchased books are in basement of the Co., clerks office in Canton, Van Zandt Co., TX. Judy Pirtle Anderbert (my sister) notes in her letters to our Dad, Raymond Edward Pirtle in 1972.

Deeds: Texas: Grantee Book "O"; Canton, Van Zandt Co, pg 136; 8 June 1860 purchased land from Isreal Spikes.

Database: Texas Land Title Abstracts, June 11, 2006 3:02 p.m. Personal Information Grantee: James S. Pirtle Patentee: Jas. S. Pirtle; Patent Date: 06 Oct 1862, Acres: 160. District: Nacogdoches Co., : Van Zandt, File: 785; Patent#: 44; Patent Volume: 16 Class: Nac. Scrip. Source Information : Texas Land Title Abstracts (database online) Provo, UT:, 2000. Original data: Texas General Land Office. Abstracts of all original Texas Land Titles comprising Grants and Locations: Austin, TX :, 19--

Western Scott and Issacc Jones - but they list this James as the father B. F. and Isaac Pirtle. The settlement of the territory now composing Polk County began about the year 1830, or perhaps a little earlier. Thomas Griffith, from Illinois, settled near the present village of Dallas, and about the same time Jacob Miller settled two miles east of Dallas, where Ben Thompson now resides, and George Wiles settled in the same neighborhood. In December, 1833, James Pirtle from Tennessee settled on the farm where his son, B. F. Pirtle, now resides one-half mile north of Dallas. The same year Isaac Pirtle and Ben Pirtle also from Tennessee, made their settlements the former one mile north of Dallas, and the latter on Mountain Fork, near the camp-meeting ground. Also in the same year Walter Scott and Allen Trousdale, from Tennessee, settled on Board Camp Creek, east of Dallas. The same year Isaac Jones settled the site of Dallas, and a year or two later he sold improvement to John B. Pirtle and his family moved to Van Zandt Co.

Notes for Elizabeth Ann Priest:

Wills: NY: Mercer-Priest Estete:, Connection to "Mercer-Priest Estate New York. Yes her father was John Anderson Priest by his first marriage to Miss Jackson. Land lease to New York for Holland Tunnel for one of the other tunnels in area. Descendants received money until 1930 then lost touch with Estate.

Cemeteries: High: Pirtle, Elizabeth Ann, Cemetery: Headstone broken off to foundation stone next to her husband, Pirtle, J. S. b. 26 Oct 1819 d. Sept 6 1892 was her husband his headstone is intact then there is a foundation stone to the right of his, which would be the wife, next to the right of that is an empty space which has Martha Pirtle to the right of it. That space is where George Washington Pirtle is buried. High buried husband to the left of the wife, then the space next to whomever dies first is left open for the spouse. Also the son in buried adjacent to the father in the old sections, then if no room the children are buried together in another row or parcel, like my dad and his brother, and my Pirtle cousins.

Cemeteries: High Cemetery: Pirtle, J. S. 26 Oct 1819 - 6 Sept 1892. Photo in my files intact and readable. Located in row behind my grandparents Jerome and Adell Pirtle.

More about Elizabeth Ann Priest: Burial: 1900, High Cemetery, Van Zandt Co., TX

Children of James Pirtle and Elizabeth Priest are: i. John Pirtle, b. 1848; ii Ephram Pirtle, b. Sep 1849; iii James Riley Pirtle, Sr. b. Sep 1849, TN, d. Arkansas?.; iv George Washington Pirtle, b 12 Jun 1851, Bolivar hardeman Co., TN, d. 08 Apr 1908, Canton, Van Zandt Co., TX.; v William W. Pirtle, b. 10 Jan 1853, Hardeman Co., TN, d. 15 ? 1892 Hardeman Co., TN.; vi Edward G. Pirtle, Sr., b Feb 1855, Canton, Van Zandt Co., TX; vii Susan Ann Pirtle b. 23 Apr 1857, Canton, Van Zandt Co., TX d bet 1884 - 1956, Canton, Van Zandt Co., TX; viii Mary Ann Pirtle b. 1859, Canton, Van Zandt Co., TX, d. bet 1879 - 1939, Canton, Van Zandt Co., TX, m. Butler, Abt. 1879, Canton Van Zandt Co., TX; b. 1850; d. bet 1879 - 1920.

More about Mary Ann Pirtle:

Burial: High Cemetery, Van Zandt Co., TX

ix Benjamin Franklin Pirtle, b 09 Feb 1863, Canton, Van Zandt Co., TX d. 16 Mar 1955, Van Zandt Co., TX

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