John Wesley Davidson

Canton, Texas
Information transcribed from The Southland Vol. XII. No 1
Waco, Texas; Established March, 1892

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County Judge Van Zandt County, Canton, Texas
Information transcribed from The Southland Vol. XII. No 1
Waco, Texas; Established March, 1892

Five generations ago the ancestor of this family came from England and settled in North Carolina. He was the father of three sons. These all died in North Carolina. William was a son of one of these three and moved to Florida about the close of the revolutionary war. He in turn was the father of Jno. W. Davidson. Jno. W. was father to Leaston, who is the father of our subject and who was born in Florida on January 1st, 1847. In 1854, William, Jno. W. and Leaston (then quite a boy) came from Florida to Texas and settled in the eastern portion of the county of Van Zandt. All of them were farmers and hence Leaston was reared as a farmer boy under the prevalent conditions of those days. When he had reached maturity he led to hymen's altar Miss Annie Germany, whose mother lived until last year and died in Van Zandt county at the good old age of 85. Mrs. Davidson however died in 1872. Two children had been born unto them of whom John was the eldest and was born August 3rd, 1869 in the old home in Van Zandt near the present village of Edom. He is strictly and truly a Van Zandt product and loves the county with the accumulated devotion of an entire life. He was reared on the farm and grew up to about 12 when his father moved to the village of Edom and became a merchant. The boy went to school and clerked in his father's store until he approached manhood. He then attended school for a period in the Southwestern University. During his childhood John was a lover of books and read everything he could get as libraries were not so plentiful then as now. He had an inclination to the law from his youth but was somewhat delayed by difficulties incident to young manhood. Miss Katie Longmire was reared principally in that section of the county and young Davidson and she had enjoyed a long acquaintance. This ripened into love and they were married April 28, 1889. She is a daughter of Dr. R. R. Longmire, who was a typical southern gentleman in antebellum days. He has of late moved to Canton and is now a merchant. Young Davidson taught for seven years but his predilections for the law prevailed and while he had given the subject of law much attention prior this date he began its study in good earnest 1895. In 1896 in April he was duly admitted to the Van Zandt county bar. He at once moved to the county capital and entered a partnership with R. M. Lively which subsisted until after Mr. Davidson was nominated for his present office of County Judge. He was elected in 1900 and again November 1902. In the last election he was nominated and elected without opposition. He owns his own home in Canton and to all appearances is happy in his home life in his social relations and in his official capacity. He is universally popular as a citizen and an officer and yet is devoted to duty as an official and as a citizen. He is a member of the Methodist church, an odd Fellow (is Noble Grand in his lodge at this writing) and also a W. O. W. he is Sunday school superinendent (sic) and is one the side of right and high life. He is in connection with his office, in the regular law practice in the courts that do not conflict with his own.

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