Near Martin's Mill, Texas
Information transcribed from The Southland Vol. XII. No 1
Waco, Texas; Established March, 1892

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Mr. Phillips came from Calhoun Co., Ala. Seven years ago. He had up to that time not accumulated any property. He landed in Van Zandt with $25.00. He rented land for four years. At the end of that time, he had a wagon and team and farming implements paid for and three years ago he purchased his present home of 129 acres entirely on time. He made enough the first year to pay the entire price and has during this short time built two residences and spent hundreds of dollars in other improvements. He made $1800.00 worth of cotton in 1902. In making this cotton, he spent $26.50 for hired help. He has plenty of meat and except for the very bad season would have had enough corn. He has a wife and four children only one boy is large enough to be of any assistance whatever. What Mr. Phillips has done in Van Zandt county others can. He is a good example of success and uses industry and economy in accomplishing these splendid results, but is in nowise overworked or abused. He is public-spirited and helps in all public enterprises.


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