Ben Wheeler, Texas
Information transcribed from The Southland Vol. XII. No 1
Waco, Texas; Established March, 1892

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Is of Irish extraction. The family came to South Carolina in an early day. They were a family of farmers and were slave holders before the war. William Wood was the father's name. He was reared in South Carolina but soon moved to Georgia. In 1857 he moved to Texas and settled in Smith county where he lived many years, dying in 1873. T. J. was born in the Georgia home September 22, 1847. He was therefore less than 4 years old when he arrived in Texas. He was reared on the farm and received such education as the country furnished then. He ia a typical farmer and his mind and heart have been, all the time, engrossed in that line. October 16, 1873, he married Miss Nancy Wood, who lived until March 15, 1895. March 18, 1897, he married Mrs. Hope Lynn (nee Willoughby). She still survives to bless his heart and home. October 31, 1873, Mr. Wood moved into Van Zandt and settled where he now lives. Here he bravely began life's battles and has wrought well. He now has a model home on a tract of little more than 500 acres of land with 400 in cultivation. Mr. Wood thinks every farm product, known to him, would grow on his farm. With good dirt roads and one railroad from north to south near by this farm would be worth $50.00 an acre and could be made to grow every variety of product in farm, garden, or orchard. The residence is located on an eminence that is quite sightly and the improvements are excellent indeed. Mr. Wood has nine children, seven of whom are living. He and Mrs. Wood are members of the Baptist church. He is a Royal Arch Mason and also a member of the Farmer's Union. Is in easy circumstances and furnishes a good model of comfort and self-sufficiency and demonstrates what can be accomplished in this county.


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