Biography of

W. B. Cox

Van Zandt County, Texas

Among the loved and useful families that have lived in and near Ben Wheeler, is this one that is so well represented by our subject. The Coxes are intimately related to the Rileys who came to the county in 1850. W. B. Cox is himself a grandson of Love Riley, who came from Alabama, as above mentioned. His father's name was Tillman L. Cox, who was reared in Alabama, and his mother's name was Miss Nancy Riley. They were married in 1855 and have reared a family of twelve children in Van Zandt county. Our subject was born here August 10, 1856. He was reared in the county, attended the common school and has grown up in the atmosphere here, and is interwoven and interfaced with every feature and fibre of the county and her interest. July 31, 1880, he married Miss Anna Hallman, and they have reared a large and interesting family, and Mr. Cox is postmaster ab Ben Wheeler, and operates an active and growing telephone exchange. He is influential in his community and is universally regarded as a good and useful citizen. He is a brother to Dr. Love Cox of Martins Mill, who is also one of the useful and active citizens of the county.

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