Men & Women of W. W. II.

Van Zandt County, Texas

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NANCE, James A., MOMM 3/c

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Nance, Grand Saline, husband of former Winnie Ponder, San Augustine. Entered the Coast Guard in 1942, trained at Galveston, TX, New Orleans, LA and Miami, FL. Served in the Atlantic and Pacific. Has ATO, ETO and Asiatic-Pacific Ribbon and two Battle Stars.

NATIONS, Hoyt L., S 1/c

Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Nations, Grand Saline, husband of former Ernestine Burgess, Grand Saline, graduated from Grand Saline H.S. Entered Merchant Marines February, 1945, trained in Hawaii, England, Africa, South America & France.

NATIONS, Relmon J., Pfc.

Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Nations, Grand Saline attended Grand Saline H.S. Entered Army in 1942, trained at Camp Claiborne, LA. Served in England, France & Germany. Awarded Bronze Star, Pres. Citation.

NATIONS, U. B., MM 3/c

Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Nations, husband of former Fay Box, Grand Saline, attended Van Schools. Entered Navy in 1944, trained at Camp Wallace, TX & Camp Elliott, CA. Served in Pearl Harbor & Guam.

NEILL, Raymond J., Cpl.

Son of W. H. Neill; entered Army November, 1943, trained at Camp Lee, VA, Camp Plauche, LA. Served New Orleans, LA.

NELSON, Cecil E., GM 1/c

Son of Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Nelson; entered Navy April, 1944, trained in San Diego, CA. Served in South Pacific, Leyte & Okinawa. Awarded PTO Ribbon & two Battle Stars.

NELSON, Clayton S., Pfc.

Son of Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Nelson; entered Army February, 1942, trained at McCord Field, WA & Santa Ana, CA. Served in England, France, Holland, Belgium & Germany. Awarded five Battle Stars, Drivers & Mechanic's Medal.

NICHOLS, Cleon, Sgt.

Son of Earl M. Nichols, Edgewood; entered Army July, 1935, trained at Ft. Sill, OK. Served in Philippines; killed in action April, 1942.

NICHOLS, Eddie F., Cpl.

Son of Mrs. Delia Nichols; entered Army March, 1942, trained at Camp Bowie, TX. Served in Southern France, Rhineland, Tunisia, Rome, Arno & Central Europe. Awarded ETO & Battle Stars.

NICHOLS, Loyd E., T/Sgt.

Son of Earl M. Nichols, Edgewood; entered Army January, 1938, trained at Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio. Served in Africa, Iran & Italy.

NORMAN, A. A., Jr., Pfc.

Son of A. A. Norman, Sr.; entered Air Corps September, 1943, trained at Sheppard Field & Wright Field, Dayton, OH.

NORMAN, Harold D., MSM C/M

Son of Mr. and Mrs. David Norman, Canton, attended NTSTC. Entered Merchant Marines January, 1945, trained at Pass Christian, MS aboard SS Canvas Back. Served in Asiatic & European Theaters. Awarded Asiatic Ribbons

NORMAN, J. W., Jr., MM 2/c

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Willard Norman, Van, graduated from Van H.S. entered Seabees in 1942, trained at Davisville, RI, Gulfport, MS & Pt. Hueneme, CA. Served in Tarawa, Gilbert Island, Hawaii & Philippines. Awarded two Battle Stars & Nimitz Citation.

NORMAN, Leslie G., Pvt.

Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Norman, Canton, husband of the former Ruby Nell Foster. Entered Army Air Corps August, 1942, trained at Salt Lake City, UT, St. Louis, MO & Miami Beach, FL.

NORMAN, Weldon E., Cpl.

Son of Mrs. O. M. Norman, Canton, attended Canton H.S. Entered Army October, 1942, trained at Camp Campbell, KY & Camp Barkeley, TX. Served in France & Germany. Awarded Purple Heart & three Battle Stars.

NORMAN, William R., Capt.

Son of David Norman, Canton, husband of the former Theda Richards, graduated at NTSTC, 1940; trained at Sheppard Field, served in the Southwest Pacific. Awarded SWPA Theater with four Battle Stars, Philippine Liberation Ribbon with one Star.

NORRELL, Alton V., A/5

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Norrell, Canton, graduated from Canton H.S. Entered Army Air Corps in 1942, trained at Tarrant Field, Hondo & Sheppard Field, TX, & Dodge City, KS.

NORRELL, Jessie E., Pfc.

Husband of former Andrewy Evritt, Canton, graduated from Canton H.S. Entered Army Air Corps in 1942, trained at Tarrant Field & Sheppard Field, TX.


Son of Walter Norrell, graduated at Canton H.S. Entered Army July, 1941, trained at Camp Roberts, CA & Ft. Lewis, WA. Served in Australia, New Guinea, Biak & other South Pacific Islands. Awarded Asiatic-Pacitif Ribbon, American Defense & two Battle Stars.

NORRELL, Riley D., **see Riley B. Stout

NORRIS, Billie J., S 2/c

Son of Will Norris, Fruitvale, husband of former Juanita Barker, Grand Saline, attended Fruitvale Schools. Entered Navy March, 1945, trained in San Diego & Shoemaker, CA.

NORTON, Alto W., Cpl.

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex L. Norris, Ben Wheeler, attended Van H.S. Entered Army Air Corps November, 1942, trained at Camp Crowder, MO, Hammer Field, CA & Portland, OR. Served in Philippines. Awarded Battle Stars.

NULL, Gene V., Pvt.

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Null, Grand Saline, husband of former Jean Butler, Ft. Pleasant, attended Grand Saline Schools. Entered Army June, 1945, trained at Camp Fannin. Awarded Expert Infantry Badge.

O'DELL, Oscar B., MOMM Cl30

Son of M. O. O'Dell, Throckmorton, TX, husband of former Reedith Norman, Canton, graduated from NTSTC. Entered Coast Guard June, 1942, trained in Algiers, LA & Brooklyn, NY. Served in American Theater. Awarded American Theater Ribbon & Good Conduct Medal.

OLDFIELD, Charlie J., M/Sgt.

Son of Mr. and Mrs. B. O. Oldfield; entered Air Corps December, 1941, trained at Long Island, NY & Seattle, WA. Served in England. Awarded ETO & six Battle Stars.

OSBORN, Lee E., Cpl.

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Osborn, Brownfield. Graduaged from Van H.S. and attended A&M. Entered Army June, 1943, trained at Camp Beale, CA.

OWEN, Orville E., S/Sgt.

Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Owen. Entered Army Air Corps January, 1943, trained at Fairfax Field, KA. Served in the Philippines & China.

OWEN, Avery D., Sgt.

Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Owen; entered Army December, 1942, trained at Ft. Custer, MI & Camp Young, CA. Served in Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Holland, England, Scotland & Czechoslovakia. Awarded ETO ribbon, five Battle Stars, Expert Rifle Machine Gun & Carbine Medals, Pres. Citation & four Overseas Stripes.

OWENS, Finnie C., S 1/c

Son of Mrs. A. C. McMahon, Edgewood, attended Heath H.S. Entered Navy in 1943, trained at Great Lakes, IL. Served in Makin Island, Luzon & Philippines. Awarded ATO & Asiatic-Pacific Ribbons. Philippine Ribbons & one Battle Star.

OXFORD, Kenneth G., Pfc.

Entered Marines October, 1943, trained in San Diego, CA & Honolulu. Served in Japan, Tinian & Saipan.


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